Ways to Protect and Insulate Your Roof

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A roof is composed of a superimposition of elements that form a watertight and resistant whole: under-roof screen, insulation, roofing, rainwater drainage system. This post tells you everything you need to know for a perfectly watertight and well-insulated roof.

The roof is the first protection of the house. It allows water to drain away, preventing it from getting inside and damaging the structure of the building. The roof insulates from the cold and heat outside. It is, therefore, necessary to choose it carefully and make sure it is perfectly watertight.

The rainwater drainage system

The slope of the roof

It is the slope of the roof that conditions the evacuation of rainwater, ensured by a system of pipes and waterproofing.

What is the slope of the roof?


Gutters and downspouts are used to evacuate rainwater that runs off the roof. They are most often made of PVC or zinc but are also available in aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, wood and composite materials.

Good to know: also think about equipping your roof with a strike guard, eaves or snow guard to complete your drainage system.

Watertightness of the roof

The purpose of roof sealing elements is to protect a building from rain, ice, snow, and wind.

Ensuring the watertightness of the roof

For a well watertight roof, the roof finishes must be perfectly finished and the roof must be well ventilated. Also, think about the under-roof screen to improve the watertightness of your roof.

The importance of ventilation

Good air circulation is essential to prevent mould and ensure the durability of the various sealing elements. The installation of a ventilated closet is an interesting solution.

Ventilate your roof well

The under-roof screen protects the structure against water, snow, dust, sand and small animals. It prevents the roof from lifting in the wind and improves the ventilation of the roof.

The special case of flat roof waterproofing

The flat roof waterproofing system has some special features. We recommend that you hire a professional for its installation.

Waterproofing solutions for flat roofs


With a poorly insulated roof, 30% of the house’s heat escapes through the roof. The role of insulation is to conserve heat in winter and coolness in summer, thus reducing the heating and air conditioning bill, ensuring a comfortable living environment for the inhabitants and preserving the good condition of the house.

There are two types of insulation:

– from the inside, i.e. under the roof. This is the classic method;

– from the outside: this solution is more efficient and has the advantage of preserving the interior volume, but it is also more expensive.

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