How Do You Connect Gutters Together?

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How do I level my gutters?

– Gutter connection: assembly, dimensions, material…

How do you seal a gutter connection?

A good eavestrough connection guarantees the water tightness of your installation.

A gutter system is made up of elements that each contribute to the proper collection of rainwater:

– the horizontal collection system,

– the gutter sealing elements,

– gutter hooks,

– gutter connections,

– gutter downspouts or vertical gutter chains to guide water down,

– the gutter collector whose role is to connect the downspout to the drain.

How do I level my gutters?

The proper sealing of the gutters is intimately linked to the proper installation of the fittings.

Criterion 1: identical material

All elements must be of the same material, as the parts must work in the same way over time and weather conditions.

Buy components of the same brand and range, so that the fit is optimal.

Criterion 2: same profile

Each element must be rigorously of the same profile as the one used for the gutter, in order to perfectly fit its profile and ensure optimal interlocking.

Criterion 3: an adapted assembly

The assembly must be adapted to the material:

– if the parts are glued together, use a glue specific to the material,

– if the parts are soldered with tin for a copper gutter or zinc gutter, do not overlook the skills of a professional, a bad solder (dry soldering) will be of short effectiveness,

– if the parts are interlocked, observe the recommended length and only choose this type of assembly when the element is intended for this type of assembly.

Gutter connection: assembly, dimensions, material…

Gutter connectors ensure a perfectly watertight connection between all the elements of a horizontal gutter.

A wide choice of gutter connections

Connecting (or joining) elements are narrower parts that are available in:

– different materials: PVC, aluminum and zinc,

– different forms:

◦ for half-round gutter, open profile, to be clipped onto the bead of the profile,

◦ for square gutter, adapted and open profile.

Gutter connection: two types of assembly

They can be mounted as desired:

– by gluing, unless there is a joint,

– from the outside for metal junctions, a 10 mm gap is provided for an effective silicone seal.

The gutter connection can have an integrated gasket (one on each side) which guarantees a glue-less seal.

How do you seal a gutter connection?

The expansion elements must be installed in sufficient number, every 12 meters, in order to absorb thermal expansions and shrinkages and thus avoid any leakage.

There are two types of processes for this:

– making a joint that has an elastic part made of vulcanized neoprene that has the capacity to absorb dimensional variations,

– make a mechanical expansion cut at the top of the slope (reserved for metal gutters):

◦ the continuity of the gutter is interrupted, either by cutting the profiles or by having them overlap without welding,

◦ both ducts are closed by vertical walls, called expansion heel.

If you cannot install the gutters all alone, calling a professional will ease your life for a neat and clean job. CAG Solutions Corp. is one of the leading rain gutter specialist in Hialeah. The good thing about them is that they will never force you into deciding. They only give you the information and make recommendations and the rest is up to you. If you are a DIY enthusiast, hope this post helps you in connecting your gutters together. Remember to share your experience with our readers in the comment section below!

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