5 Perks of Choosing Foam Insulation

Home Repairs

While buying a house, it’s very common for people to find out that either the old house has no got insulation or isn’t well insulated at all. While this can be an unpleasant surprise, it’s something that can be relatively easy to correct. If you’re considering protecting your brand-new building or renovating an older one, you may have already figured out that there’s an awful lot of insulation types to choose from…and all of them have their own sets of pros and cons. The good news is that you no longer have to settle for the standard fibreglass batt insulation when you genuinely want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort from the roof to the foundation.

While there are countless ways to insulate your home, spray foam is actually one of the best solutions! Despite being more pricey than traditional insulation methods, foam insulation will actually save you a truckload of money on your bills! Introduced in the 1980’s, spray foam is a popular insulation option and has come a long way in the last few decades. There are two types of insulating foam. Based on your needs, you can choose between closed-cell and open-cell spray foam. Let’s take a close look at what this incredible insulation method has to offer!

Fresher & Purer Indoor Air 

One of the reasons for using sprayed foam insulation is to reduce pollen or allergens passing through the walls. As foam reaches cracks and crevices, air will not permeate the walls, unlike other insulation types. By reducing the number of pathogens that enter your building, you become the hero by helping those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems: less air getting in, less sneezing. Offices insulated with sprayed foam insulation make workers happier, healthier and more productive. Protecting your home can also save you medical costs.

Doesn’t Tear Down Your Walls

One thing you absolutely don’t want to deal with when installing insulation is emptying your house! Unfortunately, traditional fibreglass insulation bales must be installed inside the walls. You can either install them during the initial construction or go through and remove all the drywall from the existing structure. On the other hand, sprayed foam insulation can be installed in existing homes and buildings without having to remove the walls. Instead, only a small volume of your cladding will be temporarily removed, and the foam will be sprayed through tiny holes. The holes will be professionally plugged, and the siding will be put back in place as if nothing happened.

Guaranteed Serenity

Have you ever wondered how the new neighbourhood will be like? What if your neighbours aren’t a quiet, lovely couple in their 60s but instead young adults who party? Open-cell spray foam can significantly reduce noise. The open cells inside the foam minimize more noise than other types of insulation.


Fibreglass and Styrofoam insulation aren’t long-term solutions. They sag, bunch and break over the years and consequently need to be replaced. On the other hand, foam insulation doesn’t sag or break over extended periods. Additionally, it keeps you safe during strong winds, heavy snow, and earthquakes. Even though the initial investment is more substantial, spray foam saves you money in the long-term.


If you don’t have a penchant for draughts, a huge advantage of spray foam is its ability to prevent temperature fluctuations in a building. On the contrary, it promotes a constant climate in a house or office. This pulverized foam insulation creates an airtight seal, which protects your home from the elements and keeps it warm, dry and comfortable. Other insulation options do not create this seal because, unlike spray foam, they do not adhere to all surfaces.

Poor insulation is a significant root cause of premature deterioration in a home. It promotes mold growth and causes an unnecessary increase in your utility bills. Without proper home insulation, your house will cease to be efficient and comfortable even if you have a reliable roofing system. Fortunately, you can bid farewell to these issues, thanks to foam insulation! Want to protect your house and benefit from all these benefits? Get in touch with Canada Home Insulation! With over 10 years of industry experience, they offer premier insulation services at affordable prices, without leaving any shortcomings.

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