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Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, keys: these are just some of the tools found in the cases intended for professionals, DIY lovers, or people who need to do some repairs at home now and then. Then, there are the more specific kits for different needs such as repairing cars, motorcycles, bikes, tires, and much more. But how to choose the right tool kit for your home repairs? Here are some tips to follow to help you out!

Buying Guide

1) Product Range

Which and how many tools do you need? Before you buy a new kit, you need to see what’s in the house. You probably have a hammer somewhere, several screwdrivers, certainly a tape measure, maybe even a spirit level. You might even have a pair of pliers, a hacksaw, and a utility knife. If you already have these essential tools, you may not want to buy them anymore. Of course, it also depends on their condition!

However, if you find a decent amount of tools in proper condition after a bit of tampering here and there, you should look for a kit that allows you to integrate what you don’t have. For example, a nice case with different kinds of keys: hexagonal, tubular, socket, ratchet with all the different inserts.

On the other hand, if you miss everything, you have to start from scratch: a hammer should not be missing in the house and a screwdriver or pliers. There are basic toolsets with dozens and even hundreds! It could also be an interesting gift idea, for example, for someone who just moved to a new house but doesn’t have a toolbox.

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2) Specific

Most toolboxes indeed consist of dozens of generic parts because they are most commonly used for small house repairs, are universal, and can be used by anyone. But many users instead need specific tools for a particular repair, such as those with a car, a motorcycle, even a specific brand of motorcycle, or a bicycle.

For instance, if you get a flat tire and want to repair it without disassembling and reassembling the tire, there are special kits that are very simple or even equipped with a small compressor or carbon dioxide canister to inflate the tire. The same applies when it comes to home repairs as well.

3) Carrying Case

The best brand of toolsets is not only distinguished by the quality of the materials used, but also by the quality of the case in which the tool is contained. If you compare the prices and the range of tools, you will notice that the cheapest kits are those with a plastic case with a non-exceptional closure that can quickly wear out over time.

Another case is an aluminum or metal case that is well resistant to bumps and drops. In any case, there is generally inside the pre-formed shape for each specific tool. The most organized cases are divided into compartments where the hobbyist or professional can separate the tool according to its type: it is the ideal system, especially when there are several tools or even more than a hundred pieces.

Assorted-color handheld tool lot | Pikrepo

4) Complete Case

A quick and practical choice is to rely on a case complete with tools. Often they are for sale for a reasonable price, but there are some negative aspects. One of them is that you might come up with tools that you will never use, and you lack the ones you need.

Do you have any tips when it comes to buying home tool kits? Share it with us in the comments below!

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