How to Lay Adhesive PVC Tiles

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– Step 1: Prepare the installation of the adhesive PVC tiles

– Step 2: Mark the location of the PVC slabs

– Step 3: Make a blank installation of the adhesive PVC tiles.

– Step 4: Case 1: Laying the tiles in a straight position

– Step 4: Case 2: Laying PVC tiles diagonally

– Step 5: Cut the last tiles

– Step 6: Finishing

Laying adhesive PVC tiles is very simple, provided that a precise layout is made beforehand. This layout guarantees an aesthetic result and allows you to prepare the final cuts.

Once the layout has been drawn, the installation is simply done by removing the protective film from the tile so that it can be glued to the floor.

Tip: Carefully store excess tiles so that you can replace a damaged tile.

Material for laying adhesive PVC tiles

– Alcohol to burn $3 approximately

– Carpenter’s pencil Approximately $0.50

– Cutter $3 approx.

– Aluminum ruler 2 m Approximately $15

1. Preparing the installation of the adhesive PVC tiles

First of all, calculate the number of PVC tiles to be used to cover the floor of your room.

The tiles must be stored for at least 2 to 3 days in the room where they will be installed to acclimatize to the room.

Tip: when purchasing, remember to check that the lot number of the different packages is the same to ensure perfect unity in terms of colour.

Finally, the support, whatever it is, must be prepared before the installation of a flexible covering so that it is clean, smooth, hard, and exceptionally flat. This preparation is essential for the good hold of your PVC tiles and the aesthetic result.

2. Mark the location of the PVC tiles

It is preferable for an aesthetic result not to start the installation in a corner but in the room’s center. To do this

– Measure your room, and mark the center of two parallel walls.

– Draw a line with the metal ruler connecting these points.

– Pass a perpendicular line through the center point (a slab can be used as a square).

3. Make a blank installation of the adhesive PVC tiles

To make sure of the final result, start by making a blank installation of your adhesive PVC tiles:

– Place a tile in the corner of the layout without gluing it.

– Continue the row of tiles across the entire width of the room.

– Start from the first tile to position a row perpendicular to the previous one, crossing the room in the other width.

– The space between each of the last full slabs and the wall should not be less than 5 cm for aesthetic reasons. If this is the case, you have to shift the central point so that this space is more consequent.

– Remove the tiles without losing this reference.

4. Case 1: Lay the tiles in a straight position

Remove its protective paper and lay the first tile.

– Press firmly with your hand to expel the air trapped under the slab. This step is essential and determines how well the slab will hold.

Continue the installation in the same quarter of the room, laying the tiles’ edge in a staircase.

– Proceed in the same way for the rest of the room, always proceeding in quarters.

Caution: remember to respect the laying direction; a line is marked on the back.

4. Case 2: Lay PVC tiles diagonally

Perform the same layout as in step 1.

– Draw 45 °C axes of these lines; they give you the axis for laying your slabs.

– Then proceed in the same way as for a straight laying (previous step).

5. Cut the last tiles

To fill in the empty spaces around the room, take the dimensions of the tiles to be cut using the overlapping technique:

– Place tile A to be cut on the adjacent tile (it is possible to lift the protective paper slightly to let it stick a little to the tile below).

– Place a slab B in abutment against the wall and opposite slab A.

– Using a pencil, draw the cut line of A thus delimited.

– Cut the tile with a cutter using the ruler.

To cut around obstacles, use a cardboard template and transfer the shape to be cut to the tile: position the template on the tile and cut the cut with the cutter.


Once the installation is complete, rub with a cloth soaked in alcohol to remove the tiles’ adhesive.

Then proceed with the installation of the baseboards.

Hope the above helps you out. If you wish to find a professional tile installer, we can put you in touch with one or more specialists in your area. Please, remember to leave your comments below.


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