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Tips on Preparing a Plaster Partition Before Finishing

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 – Before preparation

 – Prepare a plasterboard wall

 – Prepare a gypsum wall

 Whether the wall is tile or gypsum board, some preparatory work needs to be done before the final finish is applied.

 This operation is essential in a paint or wallpaper finish to obtain a smooth and uniform result.

 In the case of an earthenware covering, this step is less important, but it is still preferable to work on a flat surface.

 Here are some tips for preparing a plaster wall before finishing.

 Before preparation

 To make finishing plaster partitions easier for you, here are some tips:

 – When applying joint tape to the plasterboard, work carefully, and the preparatory work on the walls will be less tedious.

 – Before sanding, protect yourself by wearing a dust mask and safety glasses.

 Prepare a plasterboard wall.

Plaster Partition

 Once the joint strips are in place, and the screws are hidden, be sure to let the plaster dry before sanding.

 – Use fine-grain sandpaper. Use circular motions to level the surface and remove excess plaster: to the touch, the surface is smooth and uniform.

 – Be careful not to press too hard: the joint strip should not appear. If necessary, re-coat, let dry and sand again.

 – Use a sanding block and a vacuum cleaner to limit dust.

 – For large surfaces or high ceilings, rent a giraffe sander with a telescopic handle.

 – If unevennesses (forgotten screws, holes…) are still visible, reapply a little plaster to hide the imperfections. Let dry and sand.

 – Dust the entire surface thoroughly, either with a broom or a vacuum cleaner; otherwise, the coatings may not hold.

 – Apply a special gypsum board undercoat with a roller to block the bottom (gypsum board is absorbent).


 Let dry for the time specified by the manufacturer.

 If necessary, sand again if imperfections remain before applying the first coat of paint.

 Proceed to the installation of the final coating: paint, wallpaper, tiles…

  Prepare a gypsum wall.

Prepare a gypsum wall

 The gypsum wall has more irregularities; it is necessary to use a smoothing compound on the entire wall:

 – For an earthenware covering, lay it directly on the plaster tiles without preparatory work if the surface is flat and uniform.

 – For paint or wallpaper covering:

 ◦ Prepare a smoothing compound according to the manufacturer’s directions, using a mixing tip to achieve a uniform coating.

 ◦ Apply it with a smoothing float or a coating knife surface by surface evenly.

 Once the coating is completely dry:

 – Sand with a fine-grit paper to even out without pressing too hard.

 – Dust well with a vacuum cleaner or broom.

 – Apply a special plaster undercoat with a roller to block the bottom.

 Equipment to prepare a plaster wall before finishing



 Vacuum cleaner

Price varies according to performance

 Sanding block

$6 approx.

 Smoothing compound

$5 per 1 kg

 Safety glasses

$6 approx.

 Protective mask

$1 approx.

 Sanding paper

About $5 for 3 sheets


About $10

 Giraffe sander

From $70 to $100/day rental


Starting at $5

 Special plaster undercoat

About $10

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