Installing the Under Roof Simple and Effective

Installing the Under Roof: Simple and Effective

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Installing the Under Roof: Simple and Effective

 There are many ways to personalize a roof: roof finials, mantling, PVC or wooden under roofs, eaves or roof paint. There are many possibilities for those who want to embellish their home. 

 The under-roof to beautify and protect

Installing the Under Roof Simple and Effective

 It is possible to create a perfect harmony between the woodwork of a house, cladding and the under roof. Thus, the under-roof can be, like the joinery:

 – Wooden (panelling, shuttering board, etc.):

 ◦ UV-resistant;

 ◦ can be painted in the desired colour, in harmony with the rest of the house;

 ◦ charm and naturalness.

 – Made of PVC:

 ◦ resistant: long life;

 ◦ very light: easy to install;

 ◦ hardly inflammable;

 ◦ impact resistant;

 ◦ available in various colours.

 A clad roof overhang gives a more aesthetic appearance and also helps to limit heat loss in attics. In addition, you can lay a layer of insulation under the eaves.

 Laying the under roof: simple and effective


 You can install the under roof perpendicular to the wall or parallel to it. The under roof is laid on a piece of wood:

 – either directly on a rafter of the roof structure;

 – or on an added batten or board.

 Installing wooden under roofs: easy to do yourself

Installing the Under Roof Simple and Effective

 With a few simple tools such as a hammer, tape measure and level, you can make your own under-roof. The installation steps are detailed in the table below:

Installation steps


Installing the support

– Draw a straight line on the top of the wall at the same level as the bottom edge of the gutter.

– Check the level.

– This straight line serves as a base for a board that will be fixed flat to the wall.

Place the ends of the formwork

– Make two wooden triangles that close the formwork.

– Fix them with screws.

Measure, cut and fix the wooden boards (panelling, etc.)

– Lay the first board cut a little longer than necessary:

by nailing in longer boards, you will be able to create an even finishing level in the end.

this installation can be done with screws, staples or small-pointed nails.

the nail heads can be driven under the wood and the holes filled with paste.

Carrying out the levelling

– Use a space-saving blade saw for wood, as the stroke length is quite short.

– It is possible to hide the cut wood by nailing a wooden angle.


– Apply a fungicide stain or varnish to the wood.

– A paint in the same colour as your woodwork can also be applied.

PVC under roof installation: a simplified technique

The steps involved in installing PVC under roofs are reduced thanks to new installation techniques:

  • Fixing the batten to the masonry.

  • Fixing the edge profile to the masonry.

  • Fixing the fascia to the rafter ends: it is essential to check the alignment.

  • Cutting the infill profiles leaving a gap. This gap allows the profiles to expand.

  • Fixing on the tongue side using:

– nails;

– clips;

– or stainless steel screws.

  • Returns are easy to make using a joining profile.

  • The planks are installed perpendicular to the façade.

You can further install a screen with an insect screen to prevent insects from entering the room. This will also allow optimal ventilation of the underside of the wall: it is installed with clips.

Note: You can also provide for the installation of spotlights during the installation.

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