Roof Waterproofing

Why Waterproofing is Good for Your Roof

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Why Waterproofing is Good for Your Roof


 – Roof Waterproofing: Waterproofing and Durable Protection

 – Different Types of Roof Waterproofing

 – Installation of Roof Waterproofing

 – Roofing Services by Professionals

A roof requires maintenance: first of all, regular inspections, but it is also possible to apply a roof water repellent, remove moss or clean it (or have it cleaned). Water repellent works as a waterproofing agent for the roof.

You can do this yourself, provided your roof is flat or only slightly sloped, and your house is not more than one story high. However, if your roof has a slope or your home has a storey, you should call in a roofer.

Roof Waterproofing: Waterproofing and Lasting Protection

Waterproofing a roof against the elements is essential because it allows:

 – keeping the roof in good condition;

 – the preservation of the original colour;

 – the prevention of cracks.

The water repellent is a product based on water or siliconized acrylic resin. These additives allow rainwater to slide off the roof, taking with it dust and dirt.

Different Types of Roof Waterproofing

Roof Waterproofing

You can choose between:

 – A film-forming water repellent:

 ◦ forms a film that hardens as it dries;

 ◦ the roof is then protected by a water repellent film that prevents water and air from passing.

 – A water repellent with a pearl effect:

 ◦ A water-based product, which, therefore, perfectly infiltrates the materials to be protected. After installation, the water evaporates, and the additives and pigments remain.

 ◦ Environmentally safe;

 ◦ Very pronounced pearl effect.

It is important to choose a product that allows the roof to breathe and guarantees its effectiveness over time: the water repellent without film-forming, therefore, has more advantages.

Note: there are products adapted to different roofing materials such as clay tile, slate, concrete tile, lauze, fibrocement or shingle. 

Installation of a Roof Water Repellent

The installation of waterproofing is relatively complex for amateurs. For your peace of mind, contact a professional who will know how to choose and apply the right product. It is necessary to:

 – Cover the entire roof thoroughly.

 – Choose favourable weather conditions.

 – Work in complete safety.

If you wish to waterproof your roof yourself, you must follow these steps

 – Homogenize the product well.

 – Apply to the surface to be protected from the bottom to the top in two passes until the support is saturated:

 ◦ the two passes must be done at a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of one hour apart;

 ◦ you can use a roller, hand sprayer or airless.

 – Avoid any overloading of the product that could lead to drips that would leave traces.

 – The protection is effective after a drying time of about 5 hours.

Roofing Services by Professionals

You may count on ROOF-FIX to provide only the most professional and efficient services. They pledge to meet all of your roofing requirements on time and within budget. Parkdale, Braeside, Frankston, and the surrounding areas are all served. Feel free to look over their pages for further information, and remember to tell us how was your experience in the comments below.

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