How to Apply Opaque Films on Your Windows

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    – Characteristics of an opaque film

    – The different types of opaque film

    – How to apply an opaque film?

    – How to maintain an opaque film?

    – Where to find an opaque film and at what price?

The opaque film is a coating for glazing that prevents visibility from the outside but allows light to pass through. It is not to be confused with the opaque film, which prevents visibility and light passage. 

Characteristics of an opaque film

A bathroom window with opaque patterned glass to ensure privacy and a sash frame

The opaque film is a PVC or polyester coating that can be applied to a window, or more generally, to any glazing. It prevents visibility through a room and thus opacifies your window.

Often used to hide the interior of a house in the neighbourhood, it is also perfectly adapted for installation in the bathroom or on the toilet door, if it is transparent.

Depending on the model, the thickness can vary from 40 to 250 microns.

The different types of opaque film

The different types of opaque films will essentially vary according to the effect used for the opacity. Some will be frosted, frosted, one-way or sandblasted. It is up to you to choose according to the desired result. There are also models of repositionable opaque films, which will allow you to move them as you wish. These are not equipped with adhesive but are electrostatic.

Others can also be patterned to bring a decorative touch to your windows. Please note that for this type of film, installation is mostly done indoors.

Tip: Make sure you also choose a suitable film if it is intended for prolonged exposure to the sun.

How do I apply an opaque film on my windows?

The installation of an opaque adhesive film is straightforward and will determine your glass’s lifetime and aesthetics.

Taking measurements

For the installation to be effective, the taking of measurements is essential. It would help if you took the dimensions of your glazing in height as well as in width. It is also advisable to add a few centimetres.

The installation itself

Once the measurements’ adequacy has been checked, take a scraper, a squeegee, a cutter and a suitable cleaning product in the form of a spray. For the installation, proceed as follows:

    1. Clean the glass using the window cleaner and the squeegee.

    2. Scrape any unevenness to obtain a clean, clean and smooth surface. This is the step that will condition the quality of the rendering and the longevity of the film.

    3. Cut the film with a cutter. Be sure to add 3 cm to the dimensions of your window.

    4. After removing the film, soak the adhesive side with slightly soapy water. 

    5. Place the opaque film with the adhesive side in contact with the glass.

    6. After moistening the glass, squeegee from the top. The movements must be made from the center to the sides.

    7. Cut the opaque film to the size of your window with the cutter.

    8. To get rid of the remaining air bubbles, iron the squeegee again.


Good to know: you can purchase an installation kit with your opaque film to facilitate installation. However, its acquisition is not mandatory for a quality installation. If you hesitate, you can also contact a Vision Window Tint Etc.

How to maintain an opaque film?

The maintenance of an opaque film is relatively simple. To clean it, use soapy water and a squeegee or a suitable cloth. However, you will have to wait at least 1 month after application before the first cleaning.

Necessary: Never use abrasive materials or alcohol.

Where can I find an opaque film, and at what price?

The opaque film is efficient glazing covering for creating privacy. You can find it in do-it-yourself, decoration and specialty stores. or, you can contact window tinting professionals in Ottawa.

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