3 Easy Things You Can Repair or Improve at Home

Home Repairs

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve gotten used to spending more time at home. We’ve even learned to fix things. And, while some of these improvements require experts, there are still repairs we can make ourselves and get the house back in shape in no time. Want to learn more? Keep reading below.

1. Touch Up Paint

This is one of the simplest form of improvements and also perfect for doing over the weekend to start a new week with new walls. All you need is some paint, special rollers, newspapers and brushes. All you have to do is apply the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you will be done – You will be able to kiss goodbye worn walls and partitions.

If you want to go for the more classic side, white is always a good option; but if you want something different or to highlight a specific wall, maybe a visit to Pinterest or Instagram could help you find some inspiration. Don’t forget to save the color codes of the paint you use in case you need to touch it up later.

Before you start painting left and right like a Bob Ross, check your walls for leaks or peeling that may require a more specialized repair, such as patching a wall with plaster or fixing an internal moisture problem.

2. Change That Fuse

Although it may not look like it at first, this is a home repair that you can do yourself, without having to call the electrician. It’s very common for fuses to blow due to an electrical shock during a storm, so it’s always good to have a few spares in case you need them.

The first thing you need to do to accomplish this task is to turn down the famous switch in your house, to avoid accidents such as electric shock. Then, using a lamp, check which one has been damaged, usually there are almost always two, so take them out without fear and check which one is to blame for keeping you in the dark (it almost always looks like it has been burned).

Now remove the damaged filament (a small strip inside the cylinder) and replace it with a new one, put the two fuses in their place and apply a little pressure to get them right. Clever! All that’s left is to put the switch back on and enjoy the light in your house again.

3. Seal Those Waterworks

This specific task may be one of the simplest on the list, but unlike the previous two, it only works as a short-term solution before a real plumber arrives to fix the little problem. But hey, let’s say you have a drip that won’t let you sleep at home and is also wasting water little by little, well the first thing to do is identify where it’s coming from. If it’s coming out of the nipples of the faucet, the faucet is probably loose, so you’ll need pliers to tighten the base of the faucet and maybe some waterproof coating that will cut down on friction.

If, on the other hand, the annoying drip is coming from a pipe in the sink or lavatory, all you’ll need to do is buy some sealing tape to keep the liquid from dripping. Perhaps over time this is not enough, the leakage returns and you need to call the expert to change the pipe. Still, as a temporary solution, it works very well.

And that’s it, you now know 3 common home repairs/improvements that can be done by anyone with hands and a pinch of desire. But if you need to repair something that does not appear on this list or that simply requires an expert technician in the field, do not hesitate to call him, because trying it yourself can be dangerous or disastrous. What currently needs repairs in your house and when are you getting to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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