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A flat roof is a cubic extension with a slightly sloping flat roof (for rainwater drainage). The roof extension of a house allows for raising the existing roof to free up space under the attic. Let’s discover in this article what you need to know about the flat roof extension.

The roof extension can be accessible or not. If accessible, it forms a terrace where you can create a living space or even a garden. On the other hand, if it is inaccessible, there is only one roofing unit. You should still consider renovating your roof if it is more leaky or outdated. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about it.

Flat roof extension on traditional or old house 


If you own a traditional or old house, you can opt for a flat roof extension. One of the great advantages of the flat roof extension is its ability to integrate harmoniously with all architectural styles. Indeed, the modernity of the flat roof structure gives traditional houses a new shine and a very interesting contrast. This extension also gives a lot of cachet to an old house by modernizing its general look.

Be careful of your flat roof extension project on a traditional or old house to be a success; it is better to respect some rules. It is best to keep the balance of the original facade by choosing a similar facade for your flat roof extension. In most cases, also avoid a strong contrast with the overall aesthetics of your house for better harmony.

The usefulness of a flat roof extension

Its main advantage is its modern look. It allows you to meet many needs: the extension of a living room, the development of additional rooms like a playroom, the construction of a garage, etc.

Reasons to choose a flat roof extension.

This allows the creation of an additional floor, taking into account the slope of the roof and the surface of the land. This results in a significant change in the exterior appearance of your house.

A contemporary look

The aesthetics of this type of extension is one of its main assets. It is thanks to its cubic aspect that it gets its contemporary look. It’s a good idea if you want to expand and modernize your home.

To free up space


This extension will help you store your stuff better, giving you extra space. It also gives you a space to relax. You can build a green roof to put herbs or succulents for a more relaxing effect.

A question of ecology and economy

The roof extension will offer you good thermal insulation. Because of its smaller wind catchment area than a conventional house, it decreases energy distributions.

Tips for insulating the flat roof extension

Here are some solutions to have good insulation:

1. The warm roof

This method is done outside to store the heat accumulated during the day to redistribute it inside at night.

2. The cold roof

The insulation is placed inside under the roof with an air space where the insulation meets the roof. However, this type of insulation has many disadvantages, such as the appearance of cracks.

3. The inverted roof


In this method, the insulation is placed above the waterproofing layer. Despite its many advantages, a flat roof has technical constraints that must be taken into account. First of all, it stores rainwater because the flow is slower. In this case, the waterproofing of the structure must follow the standards to avoid recurrent leaks.

Its weight also poses a problem for the structures, especially with a green roof. Expert advice should be sought before deciding to strengthen your foundation and load-bearing walls. And most importantly, specific protections must be put in place for the accessibility of a flat roof.

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