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For the restoration or renovation of your roof, it is advisable to make cost studies and a price comparison. Indeed, roofing work is often very expensive and requires a meticulous and well-prepared cost study. Once started, this work must be completed to the end because you can’t leave your house uncovered. To help you with your studies, we have put together this article to show you some price estimates for new roof installation.

Price idea for new roof installation not including framing


Roof installation is the most important and expensive part of building a house. However, in the case of a renovation, it is sometimes necessary to proceed with a complete re-roofing and framing, especially when the roofing is too damaged.

For the installation of a roof, including the supply of the under-roof, the roofing, the insulation materials, and the ventilation and water drainage systems, plan on at least 50 dollars per m².

In addition, a survey of quotes from individuals and contractors showed that the average budget for the installation of a new roof is between 1678 dollars and 5677 dollars. However, depending on the material used for the roofing, this price can go up to 8000 dollars.

Indeed, the price of installing a new roof differs from one type of roofing to another, according to the data below:

    • From 64 dollars to 84 dollars HT the m2 for a roof in mechanical tiles;
    • From 70 dollars to 86 dollars HT the m2 for a roof in tiles channel;
    • From 150 dollars to 183 dollars HT per m2 for a natural slate roof.

In addition, you must also consider the price of insulation in your cost studies because the RT 2012 requires the installation of efficient insulation to avoid heat loss through the roof. Indeed, the extra cost for the installation of a mineral fiber thermal insulation is estimated at about 2 300 dollars HT for the under-roof. It is a rather expensive investment, but it is profitable for the comfort it offers to the house in any season of the year.

Price of installing a new roof, including the cost of the frame


For new construction, you must include the installation of the roof frame in your overall budget. However, even in a renovation, if your new roof weighs more than the old one, it will be necessary to change the frame as well, as it may not be able to support the extra weight. You can choose between industrial and traditional custom framing:

    • An industrial framework consisting of prefabricated elements (trusses) costs around 140 dollars per m2. This includes the necessary battens, the supply itself and the installation.
    • A traditional framework costs around 180 dollars per square meter. Unlike the previous version, it has the advantage of adapting perfectly to any structure since it was designed to measure.

For the complete installation of a new roof, including all the above-mentioned necessary elements (frame, roofing, coating and insulation), count on average between 200 dollars and 230 dollars per m².

The different types of roofing available


There are several options for covering a house:

    • Slate: noble and elegant material, is an excellent insulator, and is very resistant to various weather conditions.
    • Natural stone roofing: of volcanic nature like slate. It is a type of flat rock designed specifically for outdoor use, unlike decorative marble, which is rather intended for the bathroom or kitchen.
    • The clay tile: offered in different models (canal tile, mechanical tile, etc.), is the most used in France.
    • The green roof: is environmentally friendly; it is an excellent insulator.
    • The photovoltaic tile: is an excellent alternative to solar panels. It is installed like a conventional tile, ensuring a perfect seal.

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