Awnings: To Protect Your Terrace From The Sun


Awnings are one of the most popular types of awnings. It takes the form of a sloped eave and is usually attached over an entrance door and rarely over a stoop or window. In addition to its decorative function, it protects your entrance door against ultraviolet rays and gusts of snow, wind, and rain. Its installation is done in several steps.

Is it already getting too hot on the terrace? This is a sign that summer is approaching… Solar protection becomes imperative to enjoy your outdoor space and to protect yourself from the sun. The awning is the ultimate weapon you need! Discover them in this article with the appropriate techniques and procedures.

What is an awning?


An awning is an indispensable outdoor device for an apartment or a house. Whether it is placed as a privacy screen, outdoor decoration, or solar protection, this element is now part of the landscape of the modern home. It has manual or motorized articulated arms and is also equipped with a fabric. The awning can therefore provide real comfort to its user.

What is the importance of the awning?

If there is a practical and decorative ally of your apartment, terrace, and house, it is undoubtedly the awning.

To protect yourself from the sun.

Its first role is to protect your outdoor space from the sun while creating a shaded area. In other words, its installation allows guarantees protection against solar infrared as well as UV. It also has the mission of filtering natural light while limiting the rise in temperature of the place where it is installed.

To protect from bad weather.

This device protects against rain, strong winds, and other weather conditions. But for optimal protection, you must make the right choice of awning and canvas.

What type of awning to choose?

In general, there are three types of awnings. To facilitate the choice, it is important to know their differences and their role:

The integral box awning

This model offers optimal protection. It is equipped with arms and a fabric that can be folded. The integral box awning is ideal for protecting yourself from the intense heat.

The semi-closed awning

The fabric and the coiled tube of this type of outdoor awning are often enclosed in a cassette. However, its arms remain visible when the material is rolled up. It is the most suitable device for balconies and small terraces.

The monoblock awning

The monobloc awning is generally fixed to a supporting tube. It does not have a box. Unlike the other models, its elements are stored directly around the roll-up tube.

How to choose the ideal fabric?

The choice of fabric is very important because it plays a big role in the feeling of comfort and performance of the awning. There are three main types of fabric:

Polyester fabric

This one is the most accessible in terms of cost. On the other hand, it is the least efficient. This is normal because it is very sensitive to UV rays. Therefore, this device is only ideal for occasional use. And it will be even less useful when its color starts to fade.

Acrylic canvas

Unlike polyester canvas, the acrylic canvas is UV resistant, thanks to its more durable and vibrant color. In addition, it has a canvas that is designed to resist tearing and weathering.

Micro-perforated fabric


This one is made the same way as the acrylic canvas and offers the same advantages. Since it is perforated, it can offer much better ventilation than the other two awning models. Indeed, the latter can’t provide you with more comfort.

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