How to Fix Warped Wood Blinds?

How to Fix Warped Wood Blinds?

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A warped wood blind can be a bit of an eye sore. Luckily, with a little handiwork and a pinch of patience, you can repair the door yourself, saving money on hiring a professional woodworker.

So, here’s what you should do.

Pull Down Your Blinds to Make It Easier to Find the Broken Slat

Pull Down Your Blinds to Make It Easier to Find the Broken SlatGently pull on the blinds’ pull-string. Pull one of the pull-string cords to even out the blinds and the other to lower the blinds until they stop at the bottom of your window.

Hold the bottom of horizontal blinds and slowly pull them down to close them if they don’t have a pull string.

Take Out Two Plastic Bevels to Adjust the Threading of the Blinds

Look for two circles that resemble buttons at the bottom of the blinds to locate the bevels. Using needle nose pliers, remove the bevels. Pinch the tips of the pliers into the corners of each bevel. Then, remove the bevels.

When you remove a bevel, the threading behind it is loosened. When the thread has more slack, you can pull on it to reposition the slats of your blind.

Connect the Extra Threading and the Blind’s Lines With a Knot

Secure the thread and lines so you can adjust a slat by pulling on them. Tie the tail ends of the extra threading and the strings between the slats together in a knot. When the threading becomes slack but the lines remain in place, you can pull on both and reposition the slats without the blinds falling down.

Loosen the Slats up to the Broken One So That You Can Move It

Untie the previously tied lines from the loosened thread. Pull out all the lines from the slits of the damaged slat as well as every slat beneath it now that the lines aren’t secured.

Remove the Broken or Bent Wooden Slat

Remove the unwanted slat to avoid warping the other slats. Pull it off once you’ve removed any strings that originally held the slat to the blinds. Take care not to accidentally bend other slats as you remove it.

Replace the Broken Slit With a New One

Now, replace a bent slat with one of the blind’s replacement slats. Look at the bottom of the blinds for 2-3 extra slats. Take the final slat and undo the knots beneath it. Remove the slat by pulling the lines out of the slits. Place the slat in the empty space left by the broken one.

Check that all of the slits in the new slat line up with the slits in the slats beneath it.

Feed the Lines Back Into the Slats’ Empty Slits

Reattach the lines to your blinds by slipping them back into the slats. Feed the lines you previously moved into the slits of the slats you loosened with care. Begin with the slits in the replacement slat and work your way down to the slat at the very bottom of the blinds.

Reattach the Lines and Loose Thread to the Bevels

To secure your blinds, connect the lines and thread to the bevels. Pull all of the lines and threads down and insert them into the holes at the bottom of your blinds. Fill the holes with the bevels of the blinds.

The lines will be secure and your blinds will be fully repaired once the bevels are returned to their original position.

Avoid Exposing Your Slats to Excessive Heat or Pressure

Avoid Exposing Your Slats to Excessive Heat or PressureSlats can warp in high temperatures, and stress can break or bend them. Install faux wood blinds on a low-light window—faux wood is made of thermoplastic and can warp in temperatures above 55 °F (13 °C). Pulling your blinds down too hard or knocking anything against the faux wood slats may cause them to bend or crack.

Because they withstand moisture, faux wood blinds are ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as your bathroom.


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