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Info and Tips on Wooden Pool Installation

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Info and Tips on Wooden Pool Installation



   – Wooden Pool Kits

   – Wooden pool shapes and depths

   – Wooden pool: types of wood

   – Comparison of wood pools

   – Installation of a wooden pool

   – The maintenance of this pool

   – Price of a wooden pool

There are 3 primary materials used to build the structure of a pool: wood, concrete and polyester (shell).

The wooden swimming pool is a model of a swimming pool in the kit, to be installed above ground or semi-buried. As the swimming pool kit can be dismantled, no building permit is required. However, you will have to file a declaration of work if your wooden pool is more than 1 m high and 20 m² on the surface.

The wooden swimming pool kit

Wooden Pool

When you buy a wooden pool, here are the main elements you will find:

   – the rails;

   – the rigid panels, the struts;

   – the filtration system;

   – the liner (the pocket);

   – a maintenance kit;

   – a ladder, the coping stones and others…

When receiving the kit, it is strongly advised to make an inventory of the material received.

Attention: the safety devices have been mandatory since 2004 and are generally not delivered in the kits.

Shapes and depth of the wooden pool

There are 2 types of wooden pool shapes:

   – octagonal: maximum 8 m in diameter;

   – rectangular: maximum 10 m long (often reinforced with struts).

The maximum depth of a wooden pool is 1.30 m.

Wooden pool: types of wood

The life span of your pool will depend on the wood chosen for the structure (walls, coping, decking).

3 criteria

The choice of a type of wood depends on several criteria:

   – its stability: deformation, cracks…;

   – its resistance to external aggressions: insects, fungi, humidity;

   – the need to treat it or not.

2 types of treatment

Most classic woods (often pine) need to be treated, except for exotic woods such as teak and iroko…

There are 2 types of treatment based on insecticide and fungicide products:

   – in an autoclave (in the mass);

   – in surface (at the time of the completion).

Installation of a wooden pool

Wooden pools can be installed by yourself or by a professional. The pools must be installed on the flat ground covered with a concrete or sand slab.

The assembly of the wooden panels (planks) is usually done as follows:

   – with bolts;

   – Dovetail with threaded rods (the slats fit into each other, and the interlocking areas are crossed and held vertically by threaded rods).

Struts often support the wooden panels to ensure better stability of the whole.

Above-ground wooden pool

Wooden Pool

The above-ground wooden pool seduces more and more people because it fits perfectly into the landscape.

Its installation is within reach of anyone who is a bit of a handyman. The installation steps are primarily detailed in the instructions. The installation is done in a few hours, even 2 or 3 days, depending on its size.

No administrative formalities are necessary if it is installed for a maximum of 3 months. In a permanent installation, a declaration of works will have to be deposited if the pool measures more than 20 m² and the height of the walls is higher than 1 m.

An external staircase is an access to the pool, and an internal ladder is provided in the kit. It is, for this reason, the safest assembly for children.

Semi-inground wooden pool

A semi-sunken swimming pool is either buried on one side, above ground on the other, or at half height. The choice is often justified in case of ground with a difference in the level or when one wishes to hide a part of the swimming pool (in the case of a swimming pool of significant size).


For example, a semi-buried wooden pool creates a wooden deck on the buried side. But there are disadvantages compared to the above-ground pool:

   – in addition to the price of the pool, you have to add the cost of the earthwork;

   – from 10 m² of surface, a declaration of works is necessary;

   – the law on the safety of swimming pools applies.

The inground wooden pool

Wooden Pool

The in-ground wooden pool is an excellent alternative to the concrete pool. Its implementation is much easier, and the time of realization shorter.

Wood is a living material and absorbs the surrounding humidity. Some precautions must be taken when you want to bury a wooden pool if the manufacturer allows it:

   – Drainage under the pool and around it to avoid the rise of humidity, with possible sump in the case of floodable or clayey ground, for example.

   – Pouring a concrete slab on which the struts will be fixed. The slab must be smooth as it will be in contact with the pool liner.

   – Before backfilling, protect the pool structure with a geotextile.

The assembly of the pool does not present any particular difficulties. It is necessary to follow the assembly instructions.

The maintenance of this pool

Wooden Pool

There are 2 different types of care:

   – The pool: the cleaning of the pool will be done with unique products compatible with the treatment that the wood has undergone.

   – The structure:

     ◦ a layer serving to protect against water and microbes will be necessary to protect the wood so that it is not damaged;

     ◦ a layer serving to protect the wood from the sun will be necessary so that it does not dry and crack.

Treating the wood once a year to restore colour to the pool is essential.

   – Apply a coat of degreaser: it cleans stains and removes dirt while brightening the wood.

   – Apply a coat of saturator to restore the wood’s colour. The grayish aspect disappears. The product penetrates deep into the wood and nourishes it.

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Price of a wooden pool

Prices vary according to the wood used and the size of the pool. The finishes are also important and make the price vary.

For a wooden pool, you should count between $2,000 and $10,000, even $15,000 for the most luxurious ones.

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