Why Install a PVC Gutter

Why Install a PVC Gutter?

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Why Install a PVC Gutter?

The most economical gutter.

Gutters are available in many materials:

    – PVC gutters: the most economical,

    – Copper gutter: the noblest but the most expensive,

    – zinc gutters: the most common,

    – galvanised steel gutter: the strongest,

    – aluminium gutters: the lightest,

    – the wooden gutter: the most rustic,

    – composite gutter: the rarest.

PVC gutter description

The PVC gutter exists only as a hanging gutter. The roof layout determines its shape, dimensions and type of fastening.

The dimensions of PVC gutters vary:

    – diameter: 80, 125 or 165 mm,

    – development: DEV 160, 250 or 330,

    – standard length: 2 or 4 metres.

PVC gutters: many advantages

PVC is increasingly being used for gutters.

It can be matched to the colour of a façade, which gives it a great advantage, as people often try to hide the gutter from view.

PVC gutters have many qualities:

    – flexible, light and easy to handle,

    – very easy to maintain,

    – resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.

It is now available in several fade-resistant colours.

Good to know: You can paint your PVC gutter, so you should choose a specific plastic paint for outdoor use.

The disadvantage of this gutter: its fragility

PVC gutters have limited resistance because :

    – strong temperature variations cause the PVC to expand or contract: it eventually cracks when subjected to intense cold,

    – very strong weather conditions can break it, such as the weight of ice.

Unlike metal gutters, PVC gutters cannot be repaired.

Installation of the PVC gutter

When installing PVC gutters, a slope of 5 mm must be observed.

This type of gutter is easy to install. The elements are interlocked and sometimes glued without welding.

The male element fits into the female element: the overlap must be greater than 5 cm so that variations in the material with temperature, expansion or contraction do not lead to leaks.

The gutters are then glued with silicone adhesive or fitted together if the PVC gutter has joints.

Good to know: The gutters are easy to cut to size, and a hacksaw is very suitable.

All the following elements are available in PVC:

    – Gutter profile,

    – gutter support hook,

    – variable angle bend (90°, 60°, 45°) inward or outward,

    – joint, collar, clamp,

    – gutter bottom, right or left,

    – gutter birth,

    – downpipe with a diameter of 60, 80 or 100 mm.

PVC gutter: a good response to standards

To guarantee appropriate resistance to atmospheric stresses, PVC gutters must comply with the following standards:

    – profiles and fittings: European standard NF-EN607 covering several tests on impact, hot/cold temperature cycles, resistance to ageing, water tightness, and the corrosive action of pollution and acids,

    – hooks: NF-EN1462 standard covering tests for resistance to UV, corrosion and load.

Whom should I contact to install my gutters?

ROOF-FIX provides professional roofing services in Southeastern and the Mornington Peninsula.  


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