Mastering Light And Shadow With Custom-Made Pergolas


The real estate revolution involves the use of new technologies for the automation of certain components of a house. We note, for example, the motorization of doors and windows. Some exterior accessories, such as the pergola, are also subject to this technological influence. This device can operate automatically by controlling these blades. Here’s how to control light and shade under a custom pergola.

The automated operation of a pergola


The pergola is perceived as a comfortable installation with four pillars made of metal or wood. It can be used as a lounge area in a garden or as a veranda. There are two kinds which are closed models and open models. The fabric of the pergola is made up of a succession of slat plates, the actuation of which may or may not allow daylight to pass through. Their realization requires the intervention of a company specialized in the manufacture and installation of joinery.

In general, these same experts can ensure the installation of a pergola automation system. Indeed, it will be installed a device to open and close the blades of the canvas of the pergola at will. The installation involves a central core connected by a network of wires to each blade of the pergola. This central device unit is controlled by software from a smartphone or any information processing device.

In reality, this automation of the bioclimatic pergola allows you a precise adjustment of the positioning of the blades in relation to the position of the sun. It adapts totally to the whole surface in the optimal management of the surface. Several companies have looked into the development of this technology. This is why there is a lot of management software for a bioclimatic pergola on the market.

The advantages of using an electronic pergola

The moments of the sun and bad weather could then suddenly disturb you. Originally, the pergola is an ideal solution for an extension or the creation of space toward the outside. It is widely used as an outdoor rest shelter. Its electronic form offers the possibility of remote control of light and shadow spaces. This is all the more beneficial in the event of disability or the presence of an elderly person.

During the night, it should also be pointed out that the LED lights installed at the level of the fabric under the slats can be controlled. The pergola then becomes a room in its own right with this integrated technology. It brings a certain privilege because comfort control is not given to everyone. The closed model is a perfect illustration of this.

The electronic pergola becomes a completely sealed and very ecological space. Despite the installation of an electronic device, the pergola remains and remains a very energy-efficient entity with direct access to ambient air and sunlight, which are inexhaustible and renewable sources. This privileged contact with nature explains why it is often installed in the heart of the garden or in contact with the vegetation.

A true architectural masterpiece


Normally, the pergola was perceived as an installation offering shelter against the vagaries of time and the rays of the sun. But the product has been so popular that manufacturers have released different types of very aesthetic models. Very often, the beauty of the pergola is proportional to its immediate surroundings.

There are true masterpieces of pergola architecture. It should be noted that the level of aesthetics often has a relationship with the price. But in general, it is a real added value for the whole amount of house.

In conclusion, the control of shade and light under a pergola is made possible by the installation of a device that controls these blades. This sophistication has several advantages in the use of the pergola. It adds value to the total estimate of the house.

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