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Tips on Choosing Your Folding Arbour



   – Folding arbour: ideal for outdoor events

   – Different forms of removable arbours

   – Folding arbour: the different materials

   – Folding gazebo: a simple installation

   – Disadvantages: pay attention to the quality of the arbour!

   – Price of the folding arbour: from $70

A pergola can be leaned against a wall or self-supporting but also removable.

This is the case with the folding arbour, the caravan awning or the pergola awning.

Folding arbour: ideal for outdoor events

Its canvas is aesthetic and creates a beautiful harmony in a classic garden. A folding arbour is a canvas held up by stakes that provide temporary shelter from the sun and bad weather. It can be assembled and disassembled according to the needs of its owner. It allows you to receive your guests outside without worrying about the weather: in case of rain, they will be sheltered.

Good to know: Folding arbours are designed to be used in the garden during receptions, at the campsite, during a fair, a garage sale, an outdoor exhibition…

Different forms of collapsible arbours

The folding arbours can be a straight shape (square, rectangular) supported by four legs minimum. Also rounded for a more original effect, the canopy is maintained by a mast and cords connected to the ground by sardines.

The size is to be chosen according to the folding arbour to shelter—for example, benches, a table, and a certain number of guests.

Manufacturers offer all types of folding arbours:

   – four feet: about 3 m² of surface,

   – six, eight, ten feet…

3 types of openings for this type of collapsible pergola

Folding Arbour

Folding arbours can have different types of openings:

   1. Open sides,

   2. Closed along the length wholly or only closed, leaving one or more openings (windows, doors): ideal for receptions,

   3. Opening towards the front only: ideal for stands.

Material of the structure

The structure (legs, posts) can be in galvanized steel (the most economical) or aluminum (superior quality).

Quality of the fabric: what you need to know

A good quality material must have good UV resistance, 100% waterproofness, a treatment making it difficult to ignite, and fungicide protection treatment which will also make it easier to clean.

Good to know: The canvas of the folding arbour is usually light white or unbleached to better capture the light; burgundy is also used.

The canvas of the folding arbour

The canvas of the folding arbour can be in polyester or polyethylene (the most resistant) and thick nylon.

Folding arbour: simple installation

There is no need to fill out administrative applications for this temporary structure.

The structure of the folding arbour is simple, easy to access and easy to dismantle and reassemble. The pavilions usually are supplied ready to install, like a tent: by fitting the parts together.

Good to know: They usually come with carrying cases.

Disadvantages: pay attention to the quality of the arbour

The choice of a folding gazebo can have some drawbacks. For instance, you must dismantle it in winter or prolonged bad weather. It must not have any waterproofing defect that could spoil a party, and unfortunately, its life span is limited (about 10 years).

Price of the folding arbour

A folding arbour can be purchased or rented for a specific use.

You will find below a summary table of indicative prices for the purchase and rental of a folding arbour:

Folding arbour Entry-level Top of the range
Purchase $70 à $150 $450 à $1 200
Rental (1 day) $50 à $100 $150 à $400

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