Top 5 Reasons To Get A Pergola


If you have a house with a garden, you may be tempted to buy a canvas shelter. Indeed, this essential accessory allows you to continue enjoying your outdoor space despite the various weather conditions, whether rain, wind, or snow. It also protects you from the sun in summer, for example. Opting for a pergola with fabric in your garden allows you to make your outdoor space more pleasant, thanks to different and customizable designs.

There are many possibilities to find the velum cover that best suits your expectations, whether it is the aesthetic aspect, the protection you are looking for, or the price you want to put into your investment. In this article, we will discover together what are the five main reasons, sometimes unsuspected, which can push you to install this kind of cover in your garden. One thing is sure, once adopted, you will not be able to do without it!

1. Aesthetics


The first aspect that you can consider is undoubtedly the aesthetic aspect of the object. Whether you are looking for a classic and traditional shelter, sober and pure, or colorful and original, you can find the color that suits you to match it with your garden and your house to reveal your personality. In addition to the practical aspect, a house shelter is also a decorative object that can totally change your environment.

This accessory will allow you to enhance your summer days by adding a charming asset to your home and making it more welcoming and warm. Indeed, a canvas house shelter invites you to stop for a few moments to enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather, and allows you to no longer depend on natural hazards. You can also grow climbing plants around it to add a natural green space to complete your garden room and bask at the end of your day!

2. Sun protection

Then the other great reason to install this kind of accessory in your home is that it effectively protects you from the sun. Indeed, these canvases are designed to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun on your health and UV rays, as well as glare, while allowing light to pass through.

These covers also protect against heat, so you can create a cool, shaded area in front of your home, even in hot weather. This allows you to use your outdoor space in any circumstance, enjoying natural light while being protected from wind and sun. Perfect for summer parties, barbecues, or just relaxing with a drink. This is especially true of acrylic and PVC, high-quality materials.

3. Durability


Its solidity is the third argument that can push you to turn to this kind of garden shelter. If you think that this kind of accessory is not strong enough and will not last over time, you are mistaken. If you buy a good quality fabric, it will undoubtedly last you many years. The colors will resist both the weather and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These canvases are often very strong and high quality, designed to last.

4. The price

Another very good reason to install a solar protection cover in your garden is the financial aspect. If you’re afraid of the amount of money you think you’ll have to spend installing one in your garden, you should know that it’s often not as expensive as you imagine. The price also depends on the size of your shed. You can find some of them for the value of 75$ per m2, which allows you to get an affordable cover, especially if you have a fairly small space to cover.

As for installation, most companies charge around 40$ per hour. If you turn to a self-supporting shelter, the price will be much cheaper than a bioclimatic shelter in aluminum, for example. You can therefore find an affordable garden shed to suit your needs and budget. However, remember that buying a quality fabric, which is a bit more expensive, will probably make it last longer. It’s a long-term investment!

5. Practicality


Finally, you should also consider the practicality of installing your shelter. Installing a solar protection cover is easy if you have it done by a company, and maintenance is very easy. You can choose between a freestanding, retractable, wall-mounted, or lean-to pergola to match your environment, what you are looking for, and your budget!

This kind of accessory is very practical since it protects you from the dangers of the sun and heat while letting in light, all while being easy to maintain and install! Moreover, if it is recommended to call a professional for the installation of the structure, it is possible to change your pergola cover yourself. So don’t hesitate!

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