6 DIY Ideas for Your Home Using Pallets

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Pallets are excellent accessories for DIY furniture. There are no limits when it comes to converting these simple items into alluring objects. Read on for some ideas that can turn pallets into beautiful and functional items for your home!

Pallets are readily available even at no cost. Some companies have so many that you just have to ask and they’ll give it to you. Better choose those that have suffered less from atmospheric agents and are therefore less damaged! Otherwise, you can find cheap wooden pallets online, both new and of different sizes.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of pallet for your needs, here are some creative ideas to help transform them into home furnishings accessories.

1) Console for the Entrance

With just a bit of imagination, recycling a pallet becomes child’s play! By combining a few pallets, you can build a console and place it in the entrance. This can be used as a support for keys and mail and a lovely business card of your own home. A console made by you with pallets will undoubtedly be a unique and inimitable choice!

2) Do-It-Yourself Swing for Your Garden

Create a swing for relaxing moments in the garden after a tiring day at work or an alternative bench for summer parties with friends.

For this project, it will be useful to get some sturdy ropes and a few hooks to hang in the ceiling’s structure. It is not necessary to keep the pallet hung from the ground; even a few inches of suspension will be enough for an effect of lightness and relaxation.

We recommend choosing new and very resistant pallets to avoid bad figures in public.

3) Wall Mounted Objects Holder for the Kitchen

An effortless and functional project for the home can perhaps be a wall-mounted object holder for a rustic kitchen in a country house or outdoor kitchen. To make this, hang a pallet on the wall, and it becomes a great supporting wall. An affordable choice to replace the classic planks with a wooden fence.

4) Bring Pots or a Vertical Planter for Your Terrace

Sometimes the terrace space is limited, but we do not want to give up filling them with plants and flowers. To solve the problem concerning the pots’ size, we recommend a vertical planter made with a pallet. Attach the hooks to the pallet shelves, make pot holders with a self-tensioning metal clamp attached to the pots’ perimeter, and then hang them on the hooks. The pallet can be hung but can also stay on the ground. You’ll get an original, space-resistant pallet box that takes only a few centimetres!

5) Do-It-Yourself in the Garden: Wooden Fence and Tool Holder

Anyone who has a garden, and especially a vegetable garden, knows that there are many working tools and that order is often difficult to maintain. A creative idea to convert pallets into furnishing accessories is using a pallet as a tool holder.

6) Do-It-Yourself Sofas and Armchairs With Pallet

Creativity is not limited when it comes to the realization of DIY sofas and armchairs using pallets. However, it is also necessary to ensure that the chic piece of furniture is comfortable.

We advise you to buy soft foam with a height of at least 15 cm, cut it to size and make the upholstery with a soft fabric and a trendy pattern. For an industrial style of furniture, we recommend shades of gray combined with white pallets. Choose shabby chic furniture instead of white one.

Have you created any other DIY items for your home using pallets? Share it with us in the comments below!

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