Comparing Quartz and Granite Countertops

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Choosing between granite and quartz for your kitchen countertop isn’t an easy task. When deciding which one is best suited for you, it is always a good idea to compare various factors, such as durability, costs, and maintenance.


Granite is available in a smorgasbord of colors and patterns because of the way it is produced (by cooling and solidifying molten rock material). Whether you are seeking a subtle complement to your room or a unique block with mineral inclusions, there is a wide choice to pick from.

The main reason behind the popularity of quartz is its look. Quartz is similar to a stone design and is also easy for homeowners to customize. In comparison, it is not possible to customize granite, meaning you will have to look for the piece that suits your taste.


Granite is quarried, which consumes a lot of energy and involves considerable transportation. You can opt for indigenous stone or shop from salvage shops for pieces that can be cut to fit your kitchen project.

Quartz is an engineered and more environmentally-friendly countertop material. It is regionally manufactured and consequently involves fewer transportation costs.


Granite countertops require daily cleaning with soap and water. Acids and oils will stain the countertop; hence it is advised to clean after you are done with your food preparations. To make your granite piece last longer, have your countertop resealed every year. Similar to granite, quartz also requires daily cleaning.


Granite lasts long and is resistant to heat. It is also porous in nature and results in being stained if spilled liquids are left on it for long.

On the other hand, quartz is more durable, almost indestructible, and not porous. Quartz countertops are, therefore, more hygienic, bacteria-free. Watch out with hot pans as quartz is easily broken by excessive heat. Always make use of heating pads.

Both materials are resistant to chemicals, adding to their long-lasting features.


Both quartz and granite are highly used in bathrooms and kitchens. When cost is concerned, the value for both varies significantly. But, again, this is a grey area, as depending on your choice, color, stone, and finish, the cost can vary across the varieties of granite and quartz also.


Choosing between quartz and granite is just a matter of personal preference. Quartz worktops are an excellent choice for household and electric kitchen designs. Granite is a luxury choice to flaunt the natural uniqueness.

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  1. Thank you for talking about how much more durable quartz countertops are compared to granite ones. With how much cooking we’ve been doing at home recently, I feel like an upgrade is in order, and making it easier to clean and sturdier is my top priority. Considering this, I’ll start looking for any kitchen countertop providers that can help me get some quartz ones installed.

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