How Do You Paint Over Previously Painted Walls

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– Step 1: Check the paint condition

– Step 2: In the case of paint in poor condition, strip the paint

– Step 3: Sand the wall if the paint is in good condition

– Step 4: Wash the wall

– Step 5: Paint the wall

It is quite possible to paint a wall that has already been painted, provided that the paint is in good condition. You can apply the paint of your choice to paint an already painted wall. However, before painting the wall, prepare it so that it holds.

Before painting an already painted wall, make sure the paint holds and strip it if necessary, wash the wall and sand it before repainting.

Materials for painting a previously painted wall:

– Alkaline detergent

– Sandpaper

– Sander

1. Check the condition of the paint

It is essential to check the condition of the paint before repainting it. Indeed if the old paint is not solid enough, you cannot paint directly on it.

Strip the paint in the following cases:

– If the paint is blistered or chipped, it must be stripped.

– Stick pieces of tape in different places and then tear them off. If the paint peels off with the tape, it is not strong enough and must be stripped.

– Rub your hand over the paint. If your hand becomes covered with dust, the paint is floury; it is not strong enough and must be stripped off.

2. What should you do if the paint contains lead?

If your paint contains lead and is degraded, you cannot and should not sand it down. Sanding leaded paint can generate dust and even toxic fumes. Professionals must do the work.

In the case of paint in poor condition, strip the paint.

You can strip using different processes:

– Mechanical stripping

– Chemical pickling

– Thermal pickling

3. In the case of paint in good condition, sand the wall

If the paint is in good condition, only sand and wash the wall.

Sand the wall with an eccentric sander:

– Equip the sander with medium grit paper.

– Sand the wall with circular movements. Never leave the sander running in one place for too long to avoid digging into the wall.

You can rent a sander for that purpose.

4. Washing the wall

Once you’ve sanded the wall, wash it down:

– Wear household gloves to protect your hands.

– In a basin, mix hot water and alkaline detergent. For 1 l of water, count 150 g of soap.

– Dip an abrasive sponge or a quackgrass brush into the mixture and scrub the wall.

– Rinse with clean water and leave to dry.

Important: before washing the wall, switch off the power supply, remove the electrical boxes and plugs. Also place dominoes, tighten them and protect them with adhesive tape.

5. Paint the wall

When the wall is ready and dry, you can paint it.

– Protect the floor and the elements you are not painting with plastic sheeting and masking tape.

– Paint the contours of the wall with a paintbrush.

– Divide the area to be painted into 1 m squares and paint them gradually.

– Paint the wall with a roller from top to bottom.

What if it is a too difficult task for your hands?

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