Cracked Ceiling

How to Repair a Cracked Ceiling

Ceiling Cracks Repair


– Prepare your work area

– Widen the ceiling crack

– Clean the ceiling

– Apply the filler

– Finish

Over time, cracks may appear in the ceiling due to the quality of the building materials. An acceptable gap can easily be concealed with a levelling compound. 

If the crack is more than 2 mm deep, then a filler is required.

Repairing a cracked ceiling is a simple operation that is carried out in 3 main stages:

 – widening the crack to remove the crumbling elements;

 – washing the crack to prepare it for the plaster;

 – filling the crack with plaster.

Prepare your workspace

Protect the furniture in your room with protective tarps. Also, protect the floor and the walls by taping up the tarpaulins along all the lengths with masking tape.

Finally, wear safety glasses for all direct operations on the ceiling to protect your eyes from any splashes.

Widen the ceiling crack

 – Climb the stepladder or ladder carefully.

 – Using a scraper or metal spatula, widen and deepen the ceiling crack to remove the crumbling elements.

 – This widening operation is completed when all parts that do not adhere to the ceiling are removed.

 – Finally, dust the crack with a soft brush or paintbrush.

Clean the ceiling

Cracked Ceiling

 – Prepare a mixture of lye and water in the bucket.

 – Soak the sponge with the product.

 – Climb the step ladder or ladder and use the sponge to clean the widened crack carefully.

 – Then rinse with the sponge soaked in clean water.

 – Let the whole thing dry.

Apply the filler

 There are special ready-to-use ceiling fillers.

– Take a small amount of filler with the plaster knife. 

 – Climb the step ladder or ladder and carefully spread the filler over the crack.

 – Make sure that the plaster is spread evenly and smoothly.

 – Then let it dry.

Finish the job

Once the crack is filled and the plaster is dry, sand the excess application with fine-grained sandpaper.

Finally, for an aesthetic finish, it is best to coat your entire ceiling with a smoothing compound before painting it.

Materials needed to repair a cracked ceiling.


From $8 

Masking tape

$1 per roll

Step ladder

$20 approx.

Safety glasses

$6 approx.

Spatula (knife)

Starting at $3 


Starting at $2 


From $1 

Alkaline detergent

$3 approx.


$1 approx.

Coating knife

From $3 


About $7 for 5 kg

Sanding paper

About $5 for 3 sheets

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