Window Glazing

Why Glaze Your Windows

Window Glazing

Why Glaze Your Windows

The choice of glazing for your windows is essential for their level of insulation (double glazing) as well as for their resistance (reinforced glass), their style (coloured glass) and the privacy of your home (opaque glass). This article will guide you in making the right choice.


– Choosing between single, double or triple glazing?

– Selecting the right glass

– Adding an adhesive film to your windows

– Choosing a secure glass for your windows


The choice of the most suitable glazing for your windows

The geographical location of your home, the orientation of your room and the level of noise determine the type of glazing best suited to your future windows. Here is an overview of the types of glazing available on the market.

Choosing between single, double or triple glazing

Window Glazing

The number of panes of glass is an essential point for sound and heat insulation. Single glazing is almost never installed anymore because of its poor performance, but you can complement it with overglazing to improve its qualities.

Today, double glazing offers the best sound and heat insulation for standard or custom-made windows.

 You can go even further by opting for triple glazing, mainly used in passive houses with reinforced insulation. Find out more about the advantages and uses of this glazing.

Selecting the right glass

There are many types of glass for your windows, with different technical qualities, to choose from according to your needs.

You should also know that the Cekal certification helps you select a quality glass. It allows you to know the resistance and safety level of insulating, laminated and tempered glass.

Resistance and safety

Your windows are on the first floor, and you want a glass that will limit the risk of burglary? You can opt for laminated or tempered glass, which offers increased resistance to impact. Another option is wired glass, which does not prevent the glass from breaking, but does prevent a potential burglar from passing through thanks to its grid.


Some glasses allow you to either colour or opacify your windows for more privacy inside your home. However, they should not prevent light from entering.

Specific glasses

Less common and often more expensive, new intelligent glasses are appearing on the market. Self-cleaning, opaque, with integrated blinds, etc., they use new technologies to make your windows more comfortable and efficient.

And for a 2-in-1 window, you can also opt for solar glass, which not only insulates your home but also produces hot water thanks to its solar collectors.

Adding an adhesive film to your windows

Whether to improve thermal properties, security, privacy or just for a decorative effect at a lower cost, it is possible to add an adhesive film on your windows.

Solar protections

If you want to counter the harmful effects of the sun, you can install two films: the first one blocks UV rays while the second one avoids terrible reflections.


Window Glazing
Luxury beach house with sea view swimming pool in modern design, Vacation home for big family – 3d rendering

Various adhesive films can block the view from the outside while letting the inhabitants enjoy the view.


Films can also be used to increase the security of your windows. While not as effective as toughened glass, they are still a good value. Let’s take a closer look at this solution.


Finally, you can use window films to decorate and personalise your windows.

Choosing a secure glass for your windows

Windows are an entry point in case of a break-in, and shutters are not always sufficient to prevent an intrusion. That’s why it can be worthwhile to invest in reinforced, burglar-resistant glass. Follow our advice in our following publication on how to choose the right glass.

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