Adhesive PVC Planks

4 Steps to Install Adhesive PVC Planks

Summary – Step 1: Prepare for the installation of adhesive PVC planks – Step 2: Installing PVC planks – Step 3: Cut the planks to length – Step 4: Finish the boards Installing adhesive PVC planks is straightforward and gives you the illusion of wood decor at a meagre cost and easy maintenance. Before starting […]

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5 Easy Steps to Glue PVC Tiles

Summary Step 1: Prepare the floor before installation. Step 2: Draw the marker lines. Step 3: Prepare to lay the tiles. Step 4: Glue the PVC tiles. Step 5: Cut the PVC tiles. Deciding on a new floor is never an easy task for homeowners. The wide range of PVC cladding is impressive: there is […]

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How to Lay Adhesive PVC Tiles

Summary – Step 1: Prepare the installation of the adhesive PVC tiles – Step 2: Mark the location of the PVC slabs – Step 3: Make a blank installation of the adhesive PVC tiles. – Step 4: Case 1: Laying the tiles in a straight position – Step 4: Case 2: Laying PVC tiles diagonally […]

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