5 Easy Steps to Glue PVC Tiles

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Step 1: Prepare the floor before installation.

Step 2: Draw the marker lines.

Step 3: Prepare to lay the tiles.

Step 4: Glue the PVC tiles.

Step 5: Cut the PVC tiles.

Deciding on a new floor is never an easy task for homeowners. The wide range of PVC cladding is impressive: there is a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles, not to mention the ease of maintenance. But what makes your home a perfect choice for PVC flooring? Gluing PVC tiles is simple; it only takes a little method. They come in an easy-to-assemble interlocking arrangement, so you click to install each tile in place. For any DIY fans out there, this makes PVC tiles a perfect option.

Here are the materials and 5 Steps necessary to glue PVC tiles.

Material for gluing PVC tiles

Methylated spirits $3 approx.
Glue About $20 per 8 kg
Pencil $0,50
Cutter $3 approx.
Aluminum ruler 2 m About $15.
Pastry roll $3 approx.
Notched spatula $3 approx.

Step 1. Prepare the floor before installation

– Before installing a flexible floor covering, the floor must be carefully prepared.

– Store the tiles for at least 2 to 3 days in the room where they will be installed.

Step 2. Draw the marking lines

– Draw a line on the floor through the middle of two opposite walls.

– In the middle, draw a perpendicular line with the metal ruler.

– To avoid having half tiles facing the door, measure the middle of the entrance door, and draw a line parallel to the middle mark in the middle of the room.

Particular case: laying tiles from the center of the room is possible if the room’s corners are perfectly straight. Otherwise, half tiles may end up facing the door, which is less aesthetic.

Step 3. Prepare to lay the tiles

– Lay the tiles on the ground without sticking them, the first row of tiles, and one of the tracks, then the second row in a cross pattern.

– Avoid a space of less than 5 cm between the last tiles and the wall for aesthetic reasons. If necessary, repeat the installation of the tiles by shifting the central point.

– Remove the tiles, keeping this mark.

Step 4. Glue the PVC tiles

– Choose one of the 1/4 of the piece.

– Glue the floor on about 1 m² using the notched spatula, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Lay the first tile starting from the central point, respecting the direction of installation marked on the back and avoiding moving it once it has been laid.

– Press firmly with your hand to expel any air trapped under the tile.

– Continue the installation by laying the tiles (edge to edge), gluing the floor as you go along.

– Proceed in the same way for the other ¼ tiles in the room.

– Finally, roll the tiles with a rolling pin, applying good pressure over the entire surface of the room.

Step 5. Cut the PVC tiles

– To lay the tiles against the walls, use two PVC tiles: superimpose the first one on the last glued row, then use the second one as a stop to delimit the area where you will have to cut the tile.

That’s it. You are now done with gluing PVC tiles. Hope the above helps you out. If you wish to find a professional to do the job, we can refer you to one or more specialists in your area. Please, remember to leave your comments below.

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