10 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior in Winter

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During winters, it is no wonder that the most affected is the exterior of the house. Vulnerable to the continuous snowing and raining, the exterior is damaged to a certain level that except a repair or renovation nothing can be done. Well sometimes repairs can cost more than expected, so to ease the problem here is a blog on the 10 ways to maintain your home’s exterior.

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1. Caulk the cracks
Check for cracks around the house especially the doors and windows. Before the rainy seasons, reapply the caulk to prevent leaks, you can also add weather stripping to doors to enforce the durability of the door.

2. Inspect your roof
Check your roof before any problem crops up! The dead leaves from fall can clutter up and increasingly cause damage to your roof and gutter. There can also be damaged roof shingles that can cause water to run and leave an ugly stain on your ceilings.

3. Check out for any suspicious holes
Rodents or birds can build up their nests around your home. Leaving open holes will allow water to penetrate the wall or attic. Cover or cement it to prevent any future problem.

4. Prevent moisture
It is no surprise that moisture damage can cost a lot more than a new door or window! Doors and windows are the most affected by moisture. Consider changing your window and door sills if you don’t want this type of problem.

5. Consider repainting
Peeling paint causes more mess when it meets water. Before the winter and rainy season come, it is better you consider repainting your home’s exterior.

6. Check the water connections
It can happen that during winter the water freezes and the pipes can burst, adding to your expenses. Check out for leaks and also check if your hose connection has an anti-freeze design.

7. Deck the deck
Well-enjoyed during the summers, the deck is one of the most vulnerable in winters. Check out for loose boards, cracks or decay. No matter the day it was installed, if it needs repair then go for it! Check out for small holes that can be a sign of insects.

8. Clean the dryer exhaust
Before winter, check out your dryer’s efficiency and make sure that the exhaust is working properly. Look out for exhaust if not, then there may have a blockage that can be repaired by a professional.

9. Check the sprinklers
In winters your garden or lawn is covered by snow, so sprinklers won’t be so much of use. To ease out the function of your sprinklers for summer, check the sprinklers for any leaks or any other issue.

10. Repair your driveway
A crack or an unattentive hole can cause a huge problem for your driveway! Concrete driveways can be filled or patched with a cement-repair product. Always resolve to an asphalt driveway for its longevity.

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