Types of Windows to Install in a House


Windows are essential features in the house as they allow natural light into the rooms and allow fresh air to circulate. Windows also define the style of a house. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice of windows before purchasing them. Let’s look at some of the most popular options on the market today:

1. Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Single hung and double hung windows are the most popular types of windows used. The classic single hung window consists of a moveable lower panel and a fixed upper panel. Since the top panel does not open outwards, it is an appropriate type of window for spaces where windows are facing the street. Double hung windows are like single hung ones except for a main difference, in that both panels can be opened. The main advantage of double hung window is how it provides better ventilation than single hung windows due to the upper moveable opening panel. They are widely used by many homeowners.

2. Casement Windows

These types of windows open outwards with a crank-operated mechanism. The windows open horizontally on hinges on the left or right which you can decide during the installation process. Many casement windows are made up of large glass panes to allow more light in the room. They also provide more ventilation and give you a clearer view of the outside. However, it should be noted that casement windows should not be installed in places that open out into traffic.


3. Awning Windows

Awning windows have nearly the same mechanism as in casement windows and open with cranks. However, the main difference is that they are hinged from the top and open from the bottom. Awning windows can be positioned along, above or below stationery or picture windows. They can also be placed above doors. It is not recommended to install awning windows near traffic areas since they open outward.

4. Picture Window

If you have a lush and beautiful landscape outside your house, then picture windows are the right ones for you. Whether you have an incredible view of mountains and lakes or the sea, a picture window is designed in a way to show off an attractive view. Even if it cannot be opened, it will allow natural light into your home. Picture windows are usually huge glass panels fixed in the centre of a wall to give a clear and panoramic view of the outdoors.

5. Sliding Windows

The mechanism of sliding windows is pretty simple! It consists of two sections, where one track slides horizontally over the other window. There are some different styles of sliding windows, where either both windows can slide or only one track can slide. These type of windows are mostly used in contemporary houses. They provide a clear view and offer better ventilation. Sliding windows are also preferred due to their simple and easy mechanism.

6. Bay Windows


Bay or bow windows refer to a combination of different windows that form a section which protrudes from an outside wall of the house. A traditional structure of a bay window is when it is formed with a fixed window in the centre along with double hung or single hung windows. It is called bay window when the shape of the structure resembles more a square whereas it is called a bow window when it is more curved. It is noted that bay windows offer more interior space and let in light from different angles. Bay windows are known to be used mostly in kitchens.

7. Fixed or Stationary Windows

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The word ‘fixed’ here defines how the window is positioned in a fixed way where the window will not be opened or closed. The angle and shape of the glass pane are designed based on your choice. This type of window let natural light flows in your home.

8. Skylight Windows

This type of window is a fixed window positioned in the ceiling of a house. Skylight windows are perfect for houses that need more natural light but have limited options for windows in the walls. Different designs have been created for these windows to ensure that the windows are less affected by roof leaks.

From the above, did you find the window of your choice? If yes, please share your preference with us!

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