Signs of Waterproofing Issues on Your Roof

Signs of Waterproofing Issues on Your Roof

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Signs of Waterproofing Issues on Your Roof

The three different styles of roofs that need repair are a terrace, rounded, and sloping.
In some situations, the roof’s structural integrity has been compromised. When the signs of this damage become apparent, a roof repair becomes necessary.

Roof repair: warning signs

Regarding moisture, certain signs should encourage you to look into the matter as soon as possible with a certified professional. But what are these signs? How can we diagnose with certainty an excess of humidity? And how do you explain the appearance of moisture?

Certain signs do not lie when it comes to determining if the roof needs to be repaired:

  • Moisture in the attic, the frame, the insulation.

  • Black marks on the roof structure.

  • Traces of water on the ceilings.

  • The wallpaper at the ceiling joint under the roof is peeling off.

  • Mould on the tops, which can also go down the walls.

  • Moss on the tiles.

  • Increased energy losses.

  • Decreased thermal comfort.

  • A sensation of humid or even stale air in the space under the roof.

When one or more of these symptoms are observed, it is necessary to repair the roof quickly before they attack the house’s structure. 

Here are a few examples of roofing treatments:

  • drying of the walls to treat capillary rise by a magnetic or electromagnetic process;

  • positive ventilation, installation included;

  • single flow CMV with complete installation;

  • double-flow CMV, installation included;

  • resin injection.

Prevent and treat humidity problems

Signs of Waterproofing Issues on Your Roof

Once the diagnosis of humidity is established and the cause of the moisture identified, it is necessary to undertake the appropriate work. This step must be entrusted to a professional, as the “health” of your house depends on it.

Roofing and waterproofing problems

If the roof has waterproofing problems, the repair is generally done in several steps:

  • We remove moss, mould and dust from the top.

  • Identify and repair leaks.

  • A waterproofing treatment is applied in one coat, starting from the bottom of the roof and working up.

  • The repair can be finished with the application of a liquid resin, which creates a seamless coating on the top.

For flat roofs, signs of leakage involve:

  • Removing the protective coating.

  • Repairing the waterproofing element.

  • Or even covering it with asphalt.

Good to know: only a professional can provide you with an adapted and durable solution because the technical constraints make the operation complex.

What is the budget to prevent humidity in a house?

When it comes to humidity, it’s better not to be satisfied with hiding things. Real work must sometimes be undertaken, which requires precise costing. As calling a professional is almost an obligation, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cost of the latter’s work to estimate the total budget spent on your work. Obtaining several detailed estimates is a wise precaution.

Not sure? Find a professional for a diagnosis.

A humidity professional guarantees a complete diagnosis of your humidity problems.

This diagnosis is essential to determine the cause of your problems and choose the treatment(s) that will put an efficient and long-lasting end to them.

Choosing a treatment without a prior diagnosis risks applying a solution that would only temporarily camouflage the problem but not solve it!

Talk to a roof professional before you decide anything!

Our subsequent publication will be on this subject, where we will give tips on protecting yourself from humidity during construction or renovation.

Hope this article on roof repair will help you see warning signs of waterproofing problems at your place. Your opinion matters; remember to leave your comments below.

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