Don't Wait to See Your Roof Get Damaged!

Don’t Wait to See Your Roof Get Damaged!

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Don’t Wait to See Your Roof Get Damaged!


  • Control and diagnosis
  • Roof maintenance and treatment 
  • The search for a reliable and competent roofing expert 

The roof is the most exposed element of the house, yet it ensures your protection against climatic hazards and bad weather. It contributes to your comfort by insulating you from cold, heat and humidity. But perceived as indestructible, the roof is often forgotten, neglected … Error! 

Why and how to maintain your roof? How often? How to find a reliable expert?

In this article, we remind you of the importance of having a roof in good condition and advise you on keeping your roofing in good condition and avoiding heavy and expensive work.

Control and diagnosis

How to know if a roof needs to be renovated? 

A simple visual inspection can give you information on the condition of your roof, but nothing can replace the expert eye of a professional. We recommend that you call in a professional to perform a diagnosis. You will be sure not to miss anything. 

An example on tiles: a crack, even a small one, must be checked. However, many people are unaware of the harmful effects of frost on weakened tiles (explosion and water infiltration). 

During the diagnosis of your roof, the roofer proceeds to complete control by checking the following points: zinc works, chimney outlines – often ignored, can be the origin of water infiltration -and the state and the fixing of the tiles.

How often should a roof be checked?

A roof should be diagnosed every 5 years. Do not wait to see your roof damaged! 

There is no obligation to check your roof every year, but there is a period of the year during which you must be vigilant: the fall. This is especially true with the changing weather conditions we are currently experiencing: gusty winds, heavy rains, and more frequent storms.

Also, for obvious safety reasons, it is more complicated to climb on a roof with the arrival of frost. Note that the price of intervention in winter will be higher because of the safety standards to be put in place. As you can see, prevention is better than cure!

Roof maintenance and treatment 

How to keep the original cleanliness and colours of a roof? 

I recommend renewing the fungicide and waterproofing treatments every 10-15 years to keep a roof clean and retain its original colour. 

A fungicide treatment aims to eliminate and clean moss, lichens and bacteria. On the other hand, the waterproofing treatment waterproofs the roof, facilitating water flow. This treatment also preserves the colour and shine of the coating and strengthens the tiles by preventing cracks.

These treatments are the best allies to perpetuate your roof. 

Advice to guarantee the water-tightness of the roof?

We advise you to apply a waterproofing resin every 10 years. We never say it enough: a roof must be maintained regularly! Most people underestimate the importance of having a waterproof roof. A waterproof roof prevents water infiltration that could cause major damage, such as the appearance of mould on the walls and ceiling, the formation of cracks or the deterioration of your furniture and personal belongings. The waterproofing, therefore, ensures its durability.

What should be done to the eavestroughs? 

Don't Wait to See Your Roof Get Damaged!

Your eavestroughs must collect and drain rainwater away from your home. To maintain their efficiency, they must be cleaned and emptied at least once a year, in the fall. During this season, the accumulation of leaves and moss prevents the evacuation of water, increasing the weight of the eavestroughs and weakening their welds, which can lead to the rupture of the eavestrough.

You can maintain your eavestroughs, but call in a professional for better results. Indeed, this is a rather dangerous operation that requires experience and know-how. When cleaning your eavestroughs, an expert will ensure the welds are in good condition.

Regular maintenance of your gutters allows to perpetuate your zinc work for a few years and avoids you more important work, which would be more expensive.

The quest for a reliable and competent roofer 

How can you be sure to find a good roofer? 

To find a serious professional, you should ask yourself the following questions: 

What about his reputation? Check the reviews on the internet, and talk to people around you… A company with a good reputation will often have positive reviews. It is proof that it satisfies its customers perfectly.

Does the company have a website? A website brings credibility and allows one to appreciate the quality of the last achievements.

Last but not least, don’t limit yourself to the price! Do not necessarily choose the cheapest professional. This can hide an under-qualification or an undeclared activity. Ask for an estimate to make a comparison.

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