Detecting a Water Leak in a Pool

Detecting a Water Leak in a Pool

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Detecting a Water Leak in a Pool

 It is normal for the water level in your pool to drop due to splashing, evaporation or backwashing of the filter. But if you notice an abnormal drop in the water level, it is probably a leak. To prevent the problem from becoming too serious, it is important to quickly detect the leak and repair it with the help of a pool leak professional. What equipment is available to find a leak in a pool, where can it come from, how to detect it before calling a specialist and how to repair it with the least amount of work?

Is there any special equipment to find a leak in a pool?

 Some detectors can help find a leak in a pool.

 The table below shows the different kinds of detectors:

Type of equipment Description

Test or pressure pump

It allows the injection of air or water under pressure into the pipe and controls the pressure inside the pipes with a manometer.

Constant pressure = no leak
Pressure drop = leak

The ultrasonic detector

An ultrasonic floor microphone detects the sounds generated by the water escaping from the pipe.

Gas tracer

Gas is injected under pressure into the pipe to emerge vertically at the leak’s surface. A probe is used to locate the gas particles on the surface.

Infrared thermography

An infrared camera visualizes and measures the temperature differences between the ambient air and water from the pipe.

The endoscopic camera

A flexible tube equipped with a camera allows one to explore the pipes’ interior to locate a possible water leak. Thanks to a display screen and a locator, it is possible to determine the location of the leak.

Good to know: given the high cost of this type of equipment, it is preferable to call on an already-equipped professional. The price of the intervention will be lower than the purchase of any leak detector.

 Leaking pool: what is the problem?

 In a swimming pool, leaks are most often located in the following areas

 – The filtration system

 – One of the parts to be sealed (skimmer, discharge nozzle, broom or projector connection)

 – The liner (liner, tiles, concrete structure)

 – The hydraulic circuit (pipes)

 It may be interesting to focus on one of these four elements during your research and then proceed by elimination.

 Is it a leak in the filtration system?

 The filtration system is the first place to go when there is a problem with a leaking pool. The problem may be a worn seal or a leak in the connections. Before focusing on the pool itself, it is advisable to carefully check all pool house joints. The leak may also come from micro-cracks in the filter tank.

 How do you spot a leak in a pool?

Detecting a Water Leak in a Pool

 If the problem does not come from the filtration system, the second step is to stop the filtration system and close all the valves to let the pool drain. The water level will stabilize just below the leak. If, for example, the water stabilizes below the skimmers, the leak is coming from there. If it settles below a discharge nozzle, then the leak is here. A simple trick is to pour a coloured product over all the parts to be sealed. If the coloured water is sucked out, then there is a leak.

 However, the leak can also come from the pool or its lining. In this case, it is advisable to carefully check the lining around the pool, where the water has settled. You should call in a professional if there are any micro-cracks in the lining.

 Remember also to check the ground around your pool. If you notice that the ground is muddy in a particular area, it means that there is a leak in the underground pipes. Again, it is advisable to call a professional.

 Finally, on rare occasions, leaks can be caused by a landslide. Incredible as it may seem, it is possible: a landslide can cause fractures in the pond or on the lining. In this case, unfortunately, it is advisable to contact your insurance company.

 How much does it cost to find a leak in a pool?

Detecting a Water Leak in a Pool

 The price of detecting a leak in a pool depends on the professional and the type of intervention. The more expensive the equipment he will use, the higher the bill. Leak detection with an ultrasonic detector will be more affordable than with an endoscopic camera.

How to repair a pool leak?

Type of leak Solution
Liner leak

If you find a micro-crack in the liner, it can be repaired with a special repair kit. It can be used underwater, so you don’t have to empty your pool. If the tear is too large, replacing the entire liner and installing a new one is best.

Leak at the filtration pump

If the seals are worn out, simply buy new ones and replace them. This is a relatively simple procedure and can be done without professional help.

Leakage in the sealing parts If the problem comes from the seals, it is possible to replace them yourself, but if the parts are badly installed, it is better to call a specialist.
Leak in the pipes

This type of leak is the most difficult because it is difficult to access buried pipes. Fortunately, there are repair techniques to seal leaks from the inside. Special products can also be poured into your pool’s water with the filtration system running. If the leak is too large, digging trenches or demolishing a part of the pool is sometimes unavoidable.

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